What Is Data API?

Much environmental data is truly 'Big Data', as the data cannot be readily copied and distributed in reasonable timescales for many uses. By specifying precisely just the data required in a convenient pattern familiar to the user, a service provider can extract and serve the requested data, simplifying access for the user.   By using stable and standardized service APIs based on simple data retrieval patterns, it is envisioned that access and use of data and information will be improved in different domains, including geospatial, facilitating more innovation and value.  Lowering the barrier to and extending the reach of environmental data can result in increased use, new science as well as integration with non-traditional information communities.  That is the goal for the Environmental Data Retrieval API.  The standard will be consistent with the strategic direction established by "OGC API - Features - Part 1: Core" and the future OGC API - Common as part of evolving OGC API efforts.  And the objective of this API work is to extrapolate away the need to understand the OGC services and functional calls as well as to understand meteorological or oceanographic data.  Generally speaking, users are just interested in the product (of which Meteorological data may be an input), rather than the process it takes to get to the end goal.  Ultimately, that is the supreme goal of these efforts.

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For further information about MDL Data API, please contact steve.r.olson@noaa.gov.