NBM Archive

About the Archived NBM Text Data

Archived MOS data are available in a UNIX compressed format in monthly files for all stations for which the guidance is produced. We have archives of these products back through at least December 2018. 

Please be advised that some of these files are extremely large (up to 50 megabytes), and may take considerable time to download depending on time of day, size of the particular archive, and the type of connection you have. We have tried to break some of the products down by cycle to decrease the size of the larger archives. Unfortunately, we can not provide subsets (specific stations or dates) of these large files due to a lack of resources. These archives are provided as a courtesy, and may not be available 24 hours a day. 

Please note that at times (especially for developmental periods), data was saved using a secondary process. These files are indicated with an "s" following the date in the file name. Data may be more sparse for these files.

To download the files, follow the listed link, then CLICK on the product, year, month, and cycle (if available) desired. This will download the file locally to your machine. (Dpending on your browser settingsm you may need to accept the download and/or specify a file name.) If you run a Unix/Linux operating system, simply uncompress the files by typing 'uncompress <filename>'. If you are running a Windows or MAC Operating system, there are many free shareware programs that are available to uncompress Unix compressed files. Examples of such software can be found at the NCBI FTP Site (uncompress .Z files)

Archive Locations

Past and Present Operational Products

Product  Abbreviation Archive URL
NBM Hourly Text Bulletin NBH https://sats.nws.noaa.gov/~mos/archives/nbh.html
NBM Short-term Text Bulletin NBS https://sats.nws.noaa.gov/~mos/archives/nbs.html
NBM Extended Text Bulletin NBE https://sats.nws.noaa.gov/~mos/archives/nbe.html
NBM Super-Extended Text Bulletin NBX https://sats.nws.noaa.gov/~mos/archives/nbx.html
NBM Probabilistic Text Bulletin NBP https://sats.nws.noaa.gov/~mos/archives/nbp.html

Developmental Products

  • Developmental Products are subject to variation without notice. Formats may not be consistent, and may not match the format of the operational products.
  • Developmental Archives are intended as temporary data locations (unlike operational archives). Data may be deleted after a period of time without notice.
  • Once a data product has moved into operational production, archives for that product will be available in the Operational Archives, and the Developmental Archive may be deleted.