NBM GRIB Encoding

This web page seeks to provide users with some of the settings we are using to encode National Blend of Models products in GRIB2. The sections that follow list the contents of the GRIB2 bulletin, octet by octet. In many cases, coding differs by element and/or region. Therefore, coding used is listed according to those variations. This information can also be read and extracted for each GRIB2 file using the degrib reader program. Users should consult the WMO's GRIB2 handbook for the complete details on GRIB2 encoding.

You can see a list of GRIB2 Elements on the NBM Weather Element Definitions Table.


Operational GRIB2 Tables 

NBM v4.0 GRIB2 Encoding [Not yet publicly available]

Experimental GRIB2 Tables 

None at this time

Previous GRIB2 Tables 

NBM v3.2 GRIB2 Encoding