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Please note that due to operational constraints, data is only available for the 01Z, 07Z, 13Z, and 19Z NBM cycles (and data may occasionally be late or missing). All data cycles are available for the bulk station data files available on NOMADS (http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov/pub/data/nccf/com/blend/prod/

About NBM Text Bulletins

NBM Text Bulletin products (sometimes call "text products" or "bulletins") are text file products developed to provide NBM data at meteorological observation station locations, for use in lieu of (or in combination with) large gridded datasets which cover a continuous spatial domain. The NBM text bulletins take data from the gridded NBM forecasts and generate data for weather stations from the closest usable grid point. Bulletins are available for over 9,000 land and marine stations in the CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Oceanic-domains (although not all weather elements may be available for all stations). All regions (including both land and marine stations) are included in the same product.

There are five NBM text bulletins, which cover different time scales and different elements: NBH (hourly forecasts to 36 hours), NBS (3-hourly short-term forecasts), NBE (12-hourly extended-term forecast), NBX (12-hourly "extra extended" NBE continuations), and NBP (12-hiurly probabilistic extended-term forecasts). Each type is contained in a separate data file.

Detailed information about the NBM Text Bulletins (including examples) are provided for each NBM version in the Text Bulletin Key and a detailed listing of the station points available are provided for each version on the corresponding NBM Station Table

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