NAM MOS Guidance

The NAM-Based MOS guidance is generated from 0000 UTC and 1200 UTC model output from the Environmental Modeling Center's NAM Model. This guidance is valid for stations in the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Forecast elements are valid from 6 to 72 hours in advance.

NAM MOS Alphanumeric Text Message (MET Bulletin)

All Stations MET (Full Text Message)
00Z cycle


All Stations MET (Full Text Message)
12Z cycle


MOS Bulletins By State, List, or Individual Station
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NAM MOS Data Download

Full Text Message

MEX Full Text Messages will be available in the following FTP directory, in the following directory/files:
nam_mos.YYYYMMDD/mdl_nammet.tCCz, where YYYYMMDD is the run datestamp, and CC is the cycle.

Data Product Region Format URL
MET Full Text Messages all Text

Other Data Products

Messages can be found on NWS FTP Server (TGFTP). On this server, GRIB files are stored in directories called RD.YYYYMMDD, where YYYYMMDD is the year, month and day. Within the RD.YYYYMMDD directory, the files will be named cy.XX.txt, where XX is the cycle. These data will be available for two days.

Data Product Region Format URL
MET Raw Data (General Suite) CONUS GRIB
MET Raw Data (Severe Weather) CONUS GRIB