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Q. What is GRIB2?
Q. Why create a GRIB2 decoder program?

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Q. How do I get data?
Q. What if I can't find a sector that I like?
Q. What can I do with the data?

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Q. Where can I get the NDGD (National Digital Guidance Database)?
Q. Where can I get the NDFD (National Digital Forecast Database)?
Q. What are NDFD sectors?


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Q. What are the possible values for "center" and "subcenter"?
A. The center refers to who generated it, and can be found on by clicking on "Common Code Tables to Binary and Alphanumeric Codes"(pdf) The subcenter is allocated by the originating Center. In GRIB2 they can have a value between 0 and 65535, where 65535 indicates missing.

Q. Why does "tar" keeps producing a "checksum error"?
A. On the Sun platform, the "tar" executable (located under /usr/bin) is not 100% compatible with "GNU tar". Sun users are recommended to look for "/usr/local/bin/gtar".