LAMP Data Availability

The GFS-LAMP guidance is currently available every hour.

The GFS LAMP station guidance is available in the following formats: ASCII text bulletin and BUFR format. The Gridded LAMP guidance is available in GRIB2 format. 

The GFS LAMP products are also available via anonymous ftp from the NWS tgftp server. The details for retrieving the data from the NWS server can be found in the tables below.

Details regarding the ASCII text product.

For details regarding the BUFR product see

For details regarding the Gridded LAMP convection and lightning guidance GRIB2 products see

For details regarding the Gridded LAMP guidance for the following elements:

  • 2-meter temperature observations and the associated error estimations
  • 2-meter dewpoint temperature observations and the associated error estimations
  • Ceiling height observations
  • Visibility observations
  • 2-meter temperature forecast guidance
  • 2-meter dewpoint temperature forecast guidance
  • Ceiling height forecast guidance
  • Ceiling height probability forecast guidance 
  • Visibility forecast guidance
  • Visibility forecast probability guidance 
  • 10-m Wind Speed
  • 10-m Wind Direction
  • 10-m Wind Gusts 
  • Opaque Sky Cover