Information For Upcoming LAMP/GLMP v2.3 Upgrade.  Estimated effective date: January 2021

An upgrade to the LAMP and Gridded LAMP systems is planned to be implemented in NWS Operations in January 2021. This section deals with documentation relative to this upgrade (v2.3)

  • Presentations (download): Slide package for User Evaluation
  • Public Information Statement requesting comments
  • Experimental LAMP and GLMP graphics and products: GLMP and LAMP experimental web page.
  • The current LAMP and GLMP WMO headers are unchanged with this implementation. For more details about the WMO headers for these products, please see the links under "WMO Headers" below.
  • Presentations: Science Briefing to NCEP (coming soon!).
  • Additional Stations: With this implementation making the following station changes:
    • Addition of ceiling height, visibility, 1-h convection, and 1-h lightning guidance for 76 remote stations in Alaska.  A separate LAMP text bulletin will be made available on NCEP web services for these 76 remote Alaska stations.  Additional elements will be added to these bulletins in the next LMP implementation.
  • LAMP Alaska Convection and Lightning Verification Report
  • Description of the new LAMP v2.3 GFS LAMP Alphanumeric Text Messages (coming soon!)
  • LAMP Thresholds (v2.3) for AWIPS (effective January 2020) (coming before January 2021)

This guidance is to be used for feedback only and not for flight planning purposes.

Portions of this research are in response to requirements and funding by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of the FAA.  Portions of this material are based upon work supported by the Joint Technology Transfer Initiative (JTTI) Program within NOAA/OAR Weather Program Office.