What Is NAM MOS?

NAM MOS is a suite of text-bulletin and graphical products developed and supported by MDL. Both product types include meteorolgical guidance for a suite of variables (Temperature, Dewpoint, Precipitation Amount, etc.). Station-based MOS provides guidance at meteorolgcial station locations (such as airports), while gridded MOS prodvides these products on a grid. Values are based on outputs of the North American Model (NAM) numerical model, and then calibrated using the MOS technique, which wasdeveloped by MDL. The MOS equations relating model output to observations have been developed using over 1600 meteorolgical stations' observations.

Full suites of products are produced for short-range forecasts (6-72 hours in advance) for meteorological stations in the Continential United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Limited suites of products are produced for marine meteorological stations.

For more information about NAM MOS development, please see the NAM MOS Documentation Page.