Customer Support

Having Trouble Accessing the NDFD Data?

For real-time customer support regarding data availability or data access, call the NWS Telecommunications Operations Center (TOC) at 301-713-0902. The TOC is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week including holidays, to provide customer support for the NDFD data disseminated via the ftp and http protocols.

Questions or Comments about the Database?

Please contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, or recommendations about the National Digital Forecast Database at

Customer-oriented Information

For customer notification of changes to the NDFD and associated services, see NDFD-related Technical Implementation Notices (TINs) . Such notices are issued a minimum of 30 days before a change is made to NDFD; examples of changes to NDFD are adding a new experimental element or upgrading an element from experimental to operational status.


Additional NDFD Resources