What is PHI?

Forecasting a Continuum of Environmental Threats (FACETs) is a concept being explored by NOAA
to potentially shift the National Weather Service (NWS) from (primarily) teletype-era, deterministic
watch/warning products to high-resolution, Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) spanning from
days (and longer) to within minutes of high-impact weather and water events. One of the first
FACETs project underway is the development of AWIPS2 Hazard Services software to support the
generation of PHI on the convective weather warning scale. Hazard Services – PHI (HS-PHI) is a
project involving MDL, the National Severe Storms Laboratory, Global Systems Division, and various
academic institutions. HS-PHI software has been tested every year since 2016 within the NOAA
Hazardous weather testbed. These experiments bring NWS forecasters, emergency managers,
broadcast meteorologists, human factors experts, social scientists, educators, meteorologists, and
software developers together to help design, refine, and improve the software and the process by
which these new data sets can be used in the future.



Contact Us

For further information about PHI, please contact Greg.Stumpf@noaa.gov.