What Is MetWatch?


MetWatch is an AWIPS application that serves the purpose of a Data Monitor – to conduct automated, simple data evaluations and inform the forecaster, via the forecaster’s preferred notification method(s), when customized criteria are met.  Furthermore, the intent of MetWatch is to serve a purpose in a Workflow concept.  It is in an experimental stage and not yet used in operations.


What is a Data Monitor?


An automated application that evaluates custom data criteria and notifies users when that criteria is satisfied.  
Note that this definition does not require a data visualization component (such as a color-coded tabular display).  
What makes a monitor a ‘monitor’ is that it surveys data and informs users automatically.  But when ‘workflow’ is considered,  a ‘Data Monitor’ can become more comprehensive.



What is a "Workflow"?


A step-wise description of a standard, operational process (be it NWS operations, or more general).
Can tie the abundance of NWS forecaster tools together in a way that is integrated - more than just a string of actions.  
A smooth and functional workflow can have a significant impact to improve the quality of the work being managed by that flow, and to reduce the level of tedium felt by those engaging in that flow and process.


Decision Points

(Human Required)

1) Monitor? 
Would a Monitor add value to an operational workflow?  For what phenomenon?  What  to monitor?

2) Investigate?  
Based on the notification’s content, should the situation be investigated further?  Conduct a Data Analysis (using various tools, both internal and external to the Data Monitor)?

3) Official Action?  
Based on the data Analysis, does the NWS need to take action in some official way?  Issue a product?  Engage Decision Support Services process?

4) Refine Concept / Monitor?  
Could the process and monitor be improved?


Contact MetWatch

For further information about MetWatch, please contact Tom.Filiaggi@noaa.gov.