What is Iris?

IRIS is the Integrated Realtime Impact Services, a suite of applications that assist NWS personnel with providing IDSS. Core to this concept is the contact database, which contains information on Core Partners, Spotters, Observers, and other NWS contacts. This information can then be leveraged to support other mission tasks, such as sending notifications to groups of partners, linking a spotter report directly to the spotter's location, and setting up monitoring of weather conditions for weather-sensitive events. IRIS is supported 24x7 on the NWS Integrated Dissemination Platform in College Park and Boulder. The current series of IRIS (6.x) has reached the end of its lifespan due to the software framework used, with 6.6 being the final version of the old series. The IRIS development team is heavily involved in re-writing and expanding IRIS for the upcoming 7.x series in 2021, using modern web standards, and informed by the activities of both the PMO IDSS initiatives and AFS. 

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For further information about IRIS, please contact Matt Davis at Matt.W.Davis@noaa.gov.