RPS List Decision Aid

Welcome to the Routine Product Set (RPS) List Decision Aid. WDTD instructors and staff developed this page to provide general guidance for setting up local RPS lists that are Volume Coverage Pattern (VCP) specific. Every office has its own unique needs in the generation of radar products. As a result, we will not be providing a list of specific products we recommend. Instead, we will focus on important things to know when setting up your local RPS lists. If you do have a question, or see a discrepancy in our lists, please contact Andrew.C.Wood@noaa.gov (or nws.wdtd.webmaster@noaa.gov).

The RPS list that your AWIPS sends to a WSR-88D Radar Product Generator (RPG) can be built in different ways. The list may be a combination of the National RPS List and a locally generated list of desired products, or it may just contain the local products you request. The list contents will vary depending on which VCP the radar currently operates. When making edits to a local RPS List, those changes may be temporary or permanent. Lastly, most product requests require only a single entry in the RPS list, while other products may result in multiple entries. While multiple entries are no longer required for all situations with Build 19 for dynamic scanning applications such as the Supplemental Adaptive Intra-Volume Low-Level Scans (SAILS) and the Mid-Volume Rescan of Low-Level Elevations (MRLE), you can still handle them that way, if necessary.

This RPS List Decision Aid will discuss these and other topics over several pages. Please use the links in the navigation menu on the left to access more detailed information.