Ongoing projects

• Forecast and model diagnostics for severe convective weather events in complex terrain

    Graduate student: William Flamholtz

    PI and co-PIs: Brian Tang, Lance Bosart, and Kristen Corbosiero

    NWS focal points: Thomas Wasula (ALY), Michael Evans (ALY), and Matthew Kramar (PIT)


• Near-freezing winter precipitation type in complex terrain

   Graduate student: Matthew Seymour

   PI and co-PIs: Justin Minder, Rob Fovell, Andrea Lang, and Nick Bassill

   NWS focal points: Mike Evans (ALY) and Frank Nocera (BOX)


• Severe convection in complex terrain and across severe-weather environments

   Graduate student: Brennan Stutsrim

   PI and co-PIs: Brian Tang, Rob Fovell, Ross Lazear, and Nick Bassill

   NWS focal points: Tom Wasula (ALY) and Joe Dellicarpini (BOX)


• Data fusion applications to assess forecast uncertainty and improve analyses

   Graduate student: Brian Filipiak

   PI and co-PIs: Kristen Corbosiero, Nick Bassill, Andrea Lang, and Ross Lazear

   NWS focal points: Christina Speciale (ALY), Joe Cebulko (ALY), and Neil Stuart (ALY)