Greetings from the Stock Synthesis (SS) Development Team:

Latest News:

The Stock Synthesis source code is now available on Github.

About Stock Synthesis

Stock Synthesis (SS) is an age-structured population dynamics model that is used to assess the impact of fisheries on fish and shellfish stocks while taking into account the influence of environmental factors.

How to find resources on the Stock Synthesis website

The SS executables and most associated resources are publicly available; no registration is required. Below are links to the publicly available resources in the Document Library and in the Forums.

  1. BEGIN HERE – Introduction to Stock Synthesis: This has resources to introduce new users to SS.
  2. Latest SS Executables: Includes the latest SS release executables, a folder containing post-release fixes, and the latest version of SSI (i.e., Stock Synthesis Interface or the SS GUI). SSI is a useful tool for modifying SS input files and running SS models. To learn more about how version numbers are assigned to SS, please see the SS versioning description.
  3. SS Examples: Example SS models for users.
  4. Documentation: SS user manuals (including older versions) are available here.
  5. Helper Spreadsheets: The helper spreadsheets are a set of excel spreadsheets designed to complement the SS user manual and assist users in editing an existing model or creating a new model. Also available here is SS_output, which is an excel spreadsheet containing macros that can be used to visualize output from an SS model.
  6. Training: This folder contains materials from past workshops or courses.
  7. Archived executables and SS code: Contains older version of SS executables and versions of the SS source code (as ADMB tpl files).
  8. Change Logs: Contains the 3.30 and 3.24 change log.
  9. Release Notes: Available as forum posts, these are messages sent out to users upon each release of SS, highlighting development since the last release.

How to get help

Have questions? Send an email to or submit a question (if you are a registered user) in the forums.

If you want to learn more about how to use vlab, please see the vlab fundamentals for users training.

How can I become a registered member of the SS community? And why would I want to do this?

If you want to become a registered member of the SS Community, please be advised that you need to be affiliated with a government agency, university, or organization involved with assessment work and should be an active user of SS. If you are interested in becoming a registered member and meet the requirements, please send a request to including your organizational affiliation and a general description of how you have used or plan to use SS in your work. The main advantages of registering are 1) notifications upon new releases of SS and 2) ability to subscribe and post to the Forums. Registration is not required in order to use SS.

SS Team Members:



Richard Methot

Lead Developer

Ian Taylor


Chantel Wetzel


Kelli Johnson

Simulation Testing

Neal Schindler

Graphical Interface

Kathryn Doering

VLAB and Project Support