VLab Goals

  1. Manage innovation, accelerate R2O, and streamline O2R in NOAA.
    • Reduces the time and cost of transitions of research and development projects to enterprise operations
    • Minimizes redundancy and leverage complementary, yet physically separated, skill sets
    • Forges scientific and technical solutions based on a broad, diverse consensus
    • Promotes an R2O/O2R culture based on collaboration and trust
  2. Provide NWS's R&D partners with a clear and inexpensive path to operations.
    • Provides convenient access to baseline software
    • Makes available tools for project management and software development
    • Links development outputs with formal transition process inputs
    • Stores and shares individual project documentation
Getting Started
  1. To begin using VLab Collaboration Services, login and review the list of "All Available Communities".
  2. To start leveraging VLab Development Services, login to the Development Services Page.