The VLab leverages the NOAA Rotational Assignment Program (NRAP) to allow interested NOAA staff to assist with the development of the VLab. Assignment opportunities are submitted to the NRAP Coordinator in accordance with program guidelines. For more information on the NRAP visit its home page.

VLab Special Features

VLab NRAP assignments exploit several unique aspects of the program:

  • Assignments may be worked remotely from the employees home duty location
  • Assignments can be part time, meaning the participants spends less that 100% of their time working on VLab tasks
  • Assignment duration is very flexible. Participants can work on VLab task on an ongoing basis for longer than the typical non-VLab NRAP assignment.
Getting Started

View any open VLab NRAP assignments by logging into the VLab NRAP page. To apply for an NRAP assignment, go to the official NRAP page.